3 Types of Tropical Furniture You Can’t Live Without

If you’re sick of that heavy oak or maple furniture that seems to be dragging down the entire vibe of your home, it’s easy to lighten things up. All you need is some tropical furniture.

But what exactly do you need?

In order to give your house a more light and airy look, you absolutely have to have these 3 types of tropical furniture:

1. Garden wicker furniture

If you want to turn your outdoor space into a tropical oasis, garden wicker furniture makes it easy to do. Whether you have a giant patio area, a small porch, or a beautifully-manicured backyard that you want to sit and enjoy, garden wicker furniture can help you do it.

Luckily, garden wicker furniture is mixed with resin during the manufacturing process. As a result, it can sit out in the sun, rain, and snow 365 days a year and still look as good as the day you bought it. And, when it’s mixed properly, it looks no different than traditional wicker furniture!

That resin mixture does another very important thing — it allows you to get garden wicker furniture in a variety of colors. Naturally, wicker is a light beige color, but when you mix it with colored resin, it can come in any color you want — from fire-engine red to match your roses to bright white to complement your lush green grass.

2. Seagrass furniture

If you literally want furniture that comes from the beach, then you need seagrass furniture! Like its name implies, seagrass grows in the ocean. In order to turn it into furniture, manufacturers weave strands of seagrass together and reinforce it with a strong wood frame. And since it can be woven in a variety of different ways, seagrass furniture can look totally unique!

Another big perk to seagrass furniture? It’s naturally waterproof. You can place it anywhere, without having to specially-treat it.

3. A rattan sofa

If you’re looking for furniture that’s light and airy — but is sturdy enough to be sat on day-in and day-out — opt for a rattan sofa. These sofas can add a tropical vibe to your living room, and you can feel free to curl up on them for hours. They’re strong enough to withstand everything from a rigorous video game session to the deepest of naps.

What makes rattan so strong?

It’s made out of the same vines as wicker, but instead of cutting it into thin strips and weaving it together, rattan is left in much thicker pieces.

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