3 Things You Should Get from Online Background Checks

Thanks to the world wide web, you don’t have to go out and search for a private investigator to tell you more about your potential employees and tenants. Instead, you can get all of the information you need in online background checks.

Just be careful; there are a lot of scams out there! Instead, make sure your online background checks are done the right way by making sure they come with these 3 things:

1. Information you can use in an employment screening
When you’re about to hire someone new, you need to learn as much as you can about them. That’s why a good online employment screening will give you criminal histories, driver’s license information, and even Social Security number verification. That way, you can make sure they are who they say they are, that they’re here legally, and that you and your coworkers won’t have any dangerous surprises later.

After all, when you’re going to put someone in the office next to you — and have them represent your business’ good name — you can’t rely on just anyone!

2. A go-to resource for landlord credit checks

Whether you’re renting out your house or commercial retail space, you need to make sure that you’re going to get paid — and that you’re going to get paid on time. That’s why a quality online background check service will offer comprehensive landlord credit checks. You’ll get to see if your potential tenant has any debts, any track record of stiffing creditors, and whether he’s ever been evicted from any other property. That way, you’ll know exactly who you’re dealing with before you hand over the keys!

Remember, if your tenant doesn’t pay you, it can create a financial disaster. You might wind up in foreclosure or having credit problems of your own!

3. Instant results

Whether you’re trying to hire someone or rent your property to them, you don’t have time to wait around. After all, if you’re dealing with a truly great potential employee or tenant, they’ll have other offers to choose from. If you take too long to process their background checks, you’ll lose them!

That’s why a good online service will give you instant background checks. In just a few clicks, you can find out everything you need to know about someone — without waiting.

Just make sure that your instant background checks come with no strings attached. Some online background checks require you to sign up for a monthly service in order to take advantage of their resources, but a good website will never make you do that. They’ll simply hand over the information you need, without any tricks!

The team at Tenant Screening Services LLC can make getting information easy — right from the comfort of your own home!

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