3 Screening Services You Can’t Afford to Pass Up

If you want to know everything you can about a person, you’ve got to do these 3 things.

If you have to learn more about someone, you have to be thorough. That means taking advantage of these 3 screening services:

1. A tenant credit report
Ever wish you could look into a crystal ball and see if a potential tenant was going to pay his rent on time? You may not have a crystal ball, but a tenant credit report is the next best thing! With it, you’ll be able to tell just how responsible your potential tenant is when it comes to his financial obligations. You’ll also be able to see if your potential tenant has a bunch of debts that he may pay instead of opting to pay you every month.
There’s always SOME risk when you rent your property out to someone, but carefully analyzing a tenant credit report can help you sleep better at night. In fact, it’s the first thing you should do when it comes to your tenant screening services! After all, if your tenant doesn’t have a good track record of paying his bills, he’s more trouble than you want to deal with!
If you’re doing an employment screening, this can help, too. After all, a credit report will show just how responsible your potential employee really is!

2. Criminal background checks for employment
The last thing you want is a ticking time bomb sitting at the next desk. If you want to keep yourself and your other employees as safe as possible, you have to know exactly who you’re dealing with. The best way to do it is to make criminal background checks for employment a mandatory part of your hiring process.
And let’s face it — anyone who has a problem with a background check being part of an employment screening probably has something to hide!
In fact, criminal background checks are a great thing to do during your tenant screening services, too. While you can’t refuse to rent to someone solely because they have a criminal past, you can make sure you’re not putting people at risk — like, for example, unknowingly letting a sex offender move in across the street from an elementary school.

3. Employment verification
This is an important part of BOTH employment screening and tenant screening services, because it can tell you a lot about a person. By speaking to their most recent boss, you can find out if the person really had the job they say they did. Better to find out they’re a liar now than after you’ve invested time, money, and trust in them!

Whether you’re looking for a new tenant or a new employee, a visit to www.quickbackgroundchecks.com is a must!

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