3 Reasons to Invest in Heated Flooring

If you’re sick of bundling up like an Eskimo to sit around your own home, relax. You can be warm and toasty with a heated flooring system.

Like the name suggests, a floor heating system places a network of cables underneath your floors. Then, when you turn the system on, the cables heat up and warm up your floors.

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Start with the 3 reasons why you’ve got to invest in one of these systems sooner rather than later:

1. It keeps you warmer
Your traditional heater uses indirect heat. Specifically, it heats up the air around you in an effort to keep you warm.
Warm floors, on the other hand, use direct heat. You get to stand or sit right on them, so they keep you warmer than the air floating around you. As a result, you’ll be much warmer than you would be the ol’ fashioned way!

2. It will make your utility bills go down
Be honest – how much do you hate turning up the thermostat on your traditional heater? After all, each degree signals money that you’re going to have to spend at the end of the month when your utility bill shows up. With the rising cost of energy, you’d almost rather be cold, right?
Luckily, you can stay warm without spending a fortune, thanks to heated flooring!
That’s because a floor heating system is designed to work quickly. Instead of having to heat up all of the air in your house, it’s only responsible for heating up your floors. As a result, you can get warm floors in a matter of minutes – meaning the system can shut off in a matter of minutes.

You won’t be able to shut off your traditional heater entirely. However, when you rely on warm floors, you’ll get to turn your traditional thermostat way down – and save a ton of money in energy in the process!

3. It only uses one source of energy
There are a couple different types of heated flooring, so make sure that your system only uses one type of energy.
How can you tell the difference?
The easiest way to do it is to simply stay away from hydronic heating systems. That’s because these systems use tubes of water to heat your floors, instead of cables. A hydronic heating system heats up the water, then rushes it through the tubes. So, you wind up using electricity to heat the water AND to push it through the tubes. With a cable-based floor heating system, you end up using half as much electricity.

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