What Types of Glass Swimming Pool Fencing Can You Choose From?

When it comes to glass swimming pool fencing, you’ve got plenty of options. Here are some of the most popular.

Whether you’re installing glass swimming pool fencing because it’s required by law, or you’re doing it because you want a safer outdoor area for your family, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.
Here are 3 of the most popular:

1. Semi frameless glass fencing
Like its name implies, this type of glass swimming pool fencing only has partial frames — meaning you won’t have to deal with a major fencing infrastructure between you and your pool (and, more importantly, between you and your great outdoor view).
So, how does it stand up?
Semi frameless glass fencing is held in place by thin, powder-coated metal posts that are strong enough to keep the glass right where it needs to be. That way, the fence can be completely durable, without having metal surrounding it on all sides.
And, as an added benefit, since the posts have been specially-treated, you won’t have to worry about them developing rust out in the elements. So, whatever Mother Nature throws at them, they’ll always look just as good as the day you bought them.

2. Frameless glass fencing
If even thin posts are more than you want between you and your view, you can opt for frameless glass swimming pool fencing.
But if they don’t have any posts, how do these types of fences stay in place?
Instead of using posts, these fences rely on sturdy anchors that screw into your pool deck. Since they’re only a few inches high, you’ll be hard-pressed to even notice them!
Is that sturdy, though?
Absolutely! Frameless glass swimming pool fencing is just as capable as handling the elements as it framed counterparts are. And, because the anchors are specially-treated, you won’t have to worry about them rusting either.

3. Glass balustrade fencing
If you’re looking for the most invisible type of fence, you’ll get it from glass balustrade fencing.
But how can you get more invisible than frameless?
Easy! Glass balustrade fencing doesn’t screw ANYTHING into the ground — making it the perfect choice for people who can’t (or don’t want to) insert anchors into their pool decks.
So, how do these fences connect, then?
That’s where the “balustrades” come in. They’re actually side-mounts that connect to the side of your house. After all, no one’s looking over there anyways! As a result, you’ll wind up with a glass pool fence that looks like its “floating” over your deck. You won’t have a speck of metal standing between you and your view.

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