3 Reasons to Get Frameless Glass Pool Fencing at Your Home

Not sure if frameless glass pool fences are right for you? Read on!

If you’re thinking that it’s time to put some sort of fence around your pool, then it’s time to start thinking about frameless glass pool fencing.

1. It’s tough stuff
When you hear the word “glass” you probably think of the word “shatter”. And, when you hear the word “frameless”, you probably think of the word “wobbly”.
However, frameless glass pool fences are built with durability in mind. Whether you have a strong thunderstorm or bump into them during a rowdy pool party, your frameless fencing will be designed to hold its own, just as securely as other types of pool fencing. You can count on these fences to last, no matter what you put them through!

2. It will help you comply with local laws
Frameless glass pool fencing is so tough that it can keep you in compliance with any local pool fence laws you may have. For example, in Sydney, if your home was built after 1990, you are required to have some type of fence around your pool. Luckily, frameless fencing counts!

3. It looks great
Whether you’re required by law to put a fence around your pool or you simply want to put one in for safety’s sake, the last thing you want is to install some kind of eyesore. Luckily, though, frameless glass pool fences look great.
That’s because you don’t notice them!
Wait… what?
Odds are you’ve worked really hard (and spent a ton of money) to come up with a fantastic outdoor area — complete with a view that you love. It would be a shame to ruin all of that with an ugly pool fence. But since frameless glass pool fencing is virtually invisible, you don’t have to.
Think about it — as long as you keep the glass clean, no one will notice it. (Even if you don’t keep it clean, the worst thing you’ll have to deal with is a few water spots.) And, since you won’t have giant metal posts sticking out of the ground, you won’t have to look around anything to look out at your gorgeous view.
Plus, unlike other fences, there are no color combinations to worry about. The glass itself is colorless and the metal posts are so small that their silver color is irrelevant. That means you don’t have to worry about matching your frameless fencing to the rest of your outdoor décor.
Bottom line — you’ll get all of the safety features you want, without spoiling anything!

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