3 Questions to Answer Before You Buy Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture will make a great addition to your home if you use it the right way. In order to do that, you’ve got to keep the answers to these 3 questions in mind:

1. “Will it match my rattan?”
If you’ve already got a rattan sofa and you’re worried that a wicker bookcase won’t look quite right next to it, don’t be! Rattan and wicker are “cousins”. They’re made from the same vines that you find at the bottom of the rainforest. The only difference lies in the way they’re manufactured (wicker is cut into thin strips and woven; rattan is left in its natural, thicker pieces)
As a result, rattan and wicker furniture look great right next to each other. So feel free to go ahead and get a whole bunch of wicker accessories to go with your rattan sofa!

2. “Will it look right in my sunroom?”
The truth is — wicker makes the perfect sunroom furniture! After all, think about what kind of look you’re going for in your sunroom. You want something light and airy, that’s going to complement the sunlight streaming in through your windows. You also want something that won’t fade in all of that bright natural light.
By using wicker for your sunroom furniture, you get all three!
As an added benefit, wicker furniture is comfortable to curl up on. You’ll be able to spend your mornings sipping coffee and your afternoons reading a good book without feeling any differently than you would on “traditional” furniture.

3. “Do I want to put my wicker furniture inside or out?”
Wicker can go in either place. However, the answer to this question will determine exactly what kind of wicker furniture you buy.
Outside wicker is specially-mixed with resin during the manufacturing process. The resin acts as a shield, protecting the wicker from whatever elements come its way. As a result, you can leave it outside 24/7, without worrying that it’s going to fade in the bright sunlight, mildew during a rain storm, or warp during an ice storm.
Since traditional rattan and wicker furniture aren’t treated with resin, you can’t put them outside.
Luckily, it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between outside wicker and the traditional kind. If you look ever-so-carefully, you might notice that outside wicker is a little bit shinier, but it’s certainly not a big enough difference that people are going to notice. Instead, they’ll just be impressed with your tropical décor!

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