3 Options You Have for Fencing Pools Attractively

Making your pool area safer doesn’t mean that you have to make it look ugly. Sure, there are plenty of pool fences out there that are absolutely hideous. However, there are also several options for fencing pools attractively.

If you want to make the most out of your pool area — both in terms of safety and looks — take advantage of one of these pool fencing options:

1. Glass swimming pool fencing

Because it uses glass instead of poles or mesh, glass swimming pool fencing offers you full protection around your pool, without blocking your view. And, when you opt for glass swimming pool fencing, you get to take your pick of how you want it installed. There are posts that can connect it to the ground, smaller anchors that screw into the ground, or special connections that attach right to the wall.

And, of course, glass swimming pool fencing is tough. In fact, the good stuff is designed to withstand high winds and severe weather. That way, the next time a storm rolls through, you won’t have to worry that your pool fencing is going to shatter!

2. Semi frameless glass fencing

If you like the look of glass fencing — but don’t want to draw much attention to it — semi frameless glass fencing is a great option. That’s because it uses thinner posts than most anchors you use for fencing pools. The posts are made from specially-treated metal that’s designed not to rust, so your pool fence will always look as shiny and new as the day you bought it.

And even though it’s semi frameless, this glass fencing is built to withstand Mother Nature’s fury.

3. Glass balustrade pool fencing

If even semi frameless glass fencing is too noticeable for your pool area, then you need to take advantage of glass balustrade pool fencing. Glass balustrades are actually special anchors that connect your pool fencing right to the wall — instead of having to drill a post or anchor into the ground.

Is that safe?

Absolutely! Even though they’re small and off to the side, these anchors are specially- designed to be completely structurally sound. They’re just as sturdy as the traditional posts or anchors your get with other pool fences.

And since the connections are so out of the way, glass balustrade pool fencing is as invisible as it gets! As long as you keep the glass clean, you’ll be hard-pressed to notice it at all when you look at your pool or out at your view!

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