3 Naturalization and Immigration Tips to Make Your Life Easier

When you’re first getting started the U.S. naturalization and immigration process can seem completely overwhelming. While there are specific tips and advice that can help you along the way, these 3 basic tips can make the process a whole lot more streamlined:

1. Get a Green Card as soon as you can
Visas are a nice temporary solution, but if you plan on putting down any kind of roots, you need to get a Green Card. Oh sure, Visas can last for a while, but they also come with plenty of rules and deadlines. A Green Card, on the other hand, can last as long as you want it to. In fact, it can be an indefinitely naturalization and immigration solution if you want it to!

The only “rule” that you have to follow when you get a Green Card is that you have to renew it every ten years. That’s a big contrast to a Visa — which can tell you if or when you can leave the country, when you’re time in the U.S. is up, and a variety of other rules that you have to follow.

2. Decide if you want to take the plunge with Form N400
While you can keep your Green Card forever, you might want to become a full-fledged U.S. citizen. To do it, you’ll have to start by filling out Form N400.

You’ll have some time to think about it, though. You won’t even be eligible to fill out Form N400 until you’ve had your Green Card for at least five years (or three, if you’re married to a U.S. citizen).
And once you’ve filled out the form, you’ve still got a ways to go. You’ll have to take a test and complete an interview before you can officially be deemed a U.S. citizen.

3. Fill out your application for a U.S. passport like clockwork

Once you are an official citizen, take advantage of all the perks that come with it, like being able to get a U.S. passport.

One word of advice, though — don’t let your application for a U.S. passport sit ignored for too long. If you wait more than 15 years between passport applications, you won’t be able to renew yours by mail. That means you’ll have to start the process over from scratch, instead of being able to take care of everything in one handy little form! Save yourself that hassle by filling out a new application every time it’s due!

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