3 Hoisting Tools You’ll Need on Every Project

Anytime you’re hoisting things up into the air, it’s a big deal. After all, the slightest mistake or the smallest equipment malfunction can lead to chaos.

But if you’re working with the right hoisting tools, you can make your work a lot easier and a lot safer. In fact, you can count on needing these 3 tools at every hoisting job:

1. A beam clamp

They’re one of the newest innovations in the hoisting industry, but once you’ve used one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! A beam clamp gives you an easy way to hoist things on a temporary basis. Instead of lugging around a bunch of heavy temporary equipment, a beam clamp connects right to the beam itself. That way, you can actually use less stuff, without sacrificing the integrity or the safety of your work.

Beam clamps look like claws, and their interesting shape makes them completely secure. Plus, they’re made out of steel, so they’re capable of lifting even the heaviest of objects.

2. Festooning equipment

If you’ve got to hoist things and keep them up in the air on a permanent basis, a beam clamp isn’t going to work. Instead, you’ll need festooning equipment. Designed to attach directly to your ceiling, festooning equipment is perfect for holding cables and hoses.

But since they’ll be up there on a permanent basis what happens if you ever need to move them? Do you have to take them down and re-hoist them?

No! Luckily, festooning equipment comes with an aluminum track and either brass or stainless steel bearings. Your cables and hoses will be clipped onto the track, so if you ever need to move them, all you have to do is slide them over!

3. A come along

How many hours have you spent cleaning up cables and ropes after a hoisting project, wishing you could skip all of the effort just by saying “come along!”? These tools can make it that easy!

Like the name suggests, a come along is used to roll up industrial ropes and cables. Each one comes with a specially-designed ratchet lever so that you never have to worry about dealing with kinks or knots. Instead, you’ll be able to clean up your site in a fraction of the time!

Amazingly, come alongs are very lightweight — but they’re capable of handling heavy cables and ropes. That way, your clean up will never be a struggle! Just make sure you pick the right come along for your work, since they each have a different weight capacity.

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