3 Hoisting Products You Can’t Afford to Skip Over

If you’ve got a big hoisting job in the works, you need to come up with a plan that enables you to work quickly and safely.
So, how do you do it?
Easy! Just follow these 3 tips:

1. Never hesitate to grab an extra beam clamp
Beam clamps are responsible for grabbing onto your heavy equipment and hoisting them into the air safely. Without them, your equipment would flop around!
But since you don’t want to have to wait around to hoist things – and since it takes three clamps to hoist things safely (one in the middle and one on each end) – you can never have too big of a beam clamp collection. Since they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to transport from job site to job site, you shouldn’t hesitate to grab as many as you can! That way, you’ll be able to work more efficiently and, more importantly, you’ll be able to work more safely.

Luckily, a beam clamp is one of the cheapest pieces of hoisting equipment you’ll find. Since they’re not electric – and, instead, simply clamp onto your equipment, like the name suggests – you’ll be able to afford as many of them as you need!

2. Don’t underestimate the power of a davit crane
With their angled beams, adjustable booms, and fully-rotating capabilities, davit cranes can work on just about any project you can imagine! More importantly, you can buy a davit crane that corresponds to your exact needs. That’s because these cranes come in different weight capacities. Some are built to lift things that are up to 500 pounds, while some are strong enough to lift things that are up to 2,000 pounds!

And, because each one is made out of stainless steel, a davit crane is strong enough to work with you in less-than-ideal conditions.

3. Opt for the big names in hoisting
Just like any other industry, the hoist world features some big-name brands – like CM Hoist, for example. For more than 100 years, CM Hoist has specialized in industrial manufacturing and construction equipment.

Unlike some of the other big names that only feature one specific piece of equipment, CM Hoist makes everything from heavy-duty hoists to chain hooks. In fact, CM Hoist manufactures more than two dozen different hoisting and rigging products! As a result, you can rely on this company to help you out with your hoisting projects from start to finish.

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