3 Ceiling Fans That Can Give Your Room a Brand New Look

Want to give your décor a boost? These 3 ceiling fans are sure to do it!

Sometimes, the best way to give your room a boost isn’t to add new furniture, paint, or flooring. Instead, sometimes the best way to make a change is to look up — specifically by adding a new ceiling fan!
In fact, these 3 ceiling fans are sure to give any room a new eye-popping look:

1. Tropical ceiling fans
Want to feel like you’re on some Caribbean vacation — even though it’s only Tuesday? No problem! Tropical ceiling fans will give your entire room a more relaxed vibe.
Luckily, you don’t have to necessarily opt for bright island colors just because you’re opting for tropical ceiling fans. You can get a great palm décor that comes in a brass, neutral, wooden, or even fabric finish. That way, you’ll get the tropical touches you want — without feeling like your room has gone overboard.
And, remember, tropical ceiling fans don’t just have to have a palm tree or island theme. You can also get that relaxing, seaside vibe from a nautical-inspired fan!

2. Modern ceiling fans
If the rest of your room focuses on clean lines, sleek spaces, and a complete absence of clutter, why doesn’t your ceiling fan look the same way? If you’re sick of looking at ceiling fans that look like they belong in your Grandmother’s house (instead of your trendy abode), start shopping for more modern ceiling fans!
The options have come a long way in recent years. Now, you can get modern ceiling fans that are just as sleek and trendy as the rest of your room. You won’t find any adornments, bulky light kits, or any other “extras” that take away from an otherwise-clean look. That way, you can stay cool and look cool all at the same time!

3. A double ceiling fan
If you’ve got a big room — and you’re looking for something that’s totally unique — a double ceiling fan is the perfect finishing touch. In fact, these ceiling fans are sure to be a conversation-starter!
Just like the name suggests, a double ceiling fan has blades on two sides — only these fans spin perpendicular to the floor, instead of parallel to it. As a result, you’ll be able to keep even the biggest of rooms breezy, and you’ll have something really cool to look at!
Like other ceiling fans, the double versions come in a variety of styles and finishes so that you can get something that matches your décor perfectly!

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