3 Ceiling Fan Tips to Help You Stay Cool

These tips will help you pick the best ceiling fan for your needs!

Thanks to today’s ceiling fans, you don’t just get to stay cool — you get to look cool, too! With their trendy designs and fancy features, it’s easy to get the very best fan for your needs.
But with so many different ceiling fans to choose from, you’ve got to have a way to narrow down all of the options. That’s why you need to take advantage of these 3 tips:

1. Do double-duty with ceiling fans with lights
OK, so you want to stay cool, but you don’t want to do it in the dark! That’s why ceiling fans with lights are so handy; they give you the best of both worlds!
Thanks to ceiling fans with lights, you can make one investment. Instead of spending your time and money on a fan and a lamp, you can buy one thing that takes care of both needs. That way, when you curl up on a hot summer night with a good book, you’ll be well taken care of!
And, as an added benefit, ceiling fans with lights allow you to pick the bulbs you want — just like lamps do. That way, you get to choose exactly how bright you want your room to be.

2. Get outdoor ceiling fans
If the thought of spending a sweltering afternoon watching the kids play has you sweating already, fear not! You can keep cool with a few well-placed outdoor ceiling fans!
Considered the next-best thing to an actual air conditioner, outdoor ceiling fans can push all of that hot, muggy air out of the way and provide you with some cool relief. That way, no matter how long the kids want to spend on their swing set or in their kiddie pool, you’ll be able to stand guard.
And, just in case you want to hang out on the patio long past sunset, you can even get outdoor ceiling fans with lights on them! That way, once the kids go to bed and you want to unwind with a nice glass of wine (or even have a nice adult dinner out on the patio), you can enjoy a nice breeze while you do it.
Just like their indoor counterparts, outdoor ceiling fans with lights allow you to use virtually any wattage bulb you want. That way, your patio can be as dim or as bright as you want!

3. Take advantage of Casablanca ceiling fans
They may look basic, but Casablanca ceiling fans are anything but! These fans come with all of the latest perks — including remote controls! And, since they’ve been in business for so long, you can count on every Casablanca ceiling fan to be made with high-quality parts and craftsmanship.

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