Wheel Reconditioning — What Goes into the Process?

It never fails — your delivery trucks and company cars don’t have a ton of miles on them, but they still look worn, old, and unprofessional. The last thing you want is to make a bad impression out on the road, so what can you do?

Give your vehicles a boost from the ground up, with a professional wheel reconditioning!
These services go way beyond a heavy-duty cleaning. When done correctly, a professional wheel reconditioning can make your wheels look brand new, according to your exact specifications, and even make them safer!

So, how exactly does the process work?

A professional wheel reconditioning starts by dipping your wheels in a special phosphate solution that removes any chemicals from them. After all, it’s those chemicals that lead to rust and corrosion and make your wheels look dingy and worn.

After that’s finished, you’ll get powder coat wheels — meaning that your wheels will be sprayed with a special powder paint and sent to cure in a special oven. Powder coat wheels can come in practically any color you can imagine, so it’s a great way to customize the look of your wheels. In fact, a good company will even be able to blend powder paint colors together, so you can get the exact shade you need — whether you want to match your company’s logo, or you simply want to stand out on the road!

Then, your wheels will go through a careful inspection process. That’s when any cracks can be spotted and fixed. That way, your wheels won’t just look better;
they’ll also be safer than when you started!
It’s a comprehensive process, but you don’t have to stop there.

If you want to really make your vehicle sparkle like new, pair that professional wheel reconditioning with some retreads. That way, you’ll get the look of brand new tires, without the steep price tag that comes with brand new tires! You just might be amazed at how a new pair of “shoes” makes your entire car look newer.

Luckily, retreads can be used on just about any vehicle, in just about any kind of weather conditions — from a small compact company car in AZ to mining tires in NJ. After all, when you’re dealing with vehicles that withstand a lot on a daily basis — like mining tires in NJ — you need to have a cost-effective way to keep them looking good, while also making sure they’re totally safe.

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