Need New Pickup Truck Tires? There’s an Easy Solution!

It never fails… you always seem to drive over a nail right when you’re dealing with a bunch of other expenses.

As if the stress of having your truck temporarily out of commission isn’t bad enough, you also have to spend a few hundred dollars on new pickup truck tires!
Or do you?

You can get a new set of pickup truck tires that cost less — but are still totally safe — by taking advantage of retreads!

What are they?

Like the name suggests, retreads are tires that have a new tread installed on them. Instead of buying new pickup truck tires right off the showroom floor, you can get retreads for a fraction of the cost.

Depending on how big your truck is, you might be able to save a few hundred dollars just by purchasing retreads. After all, if they’re big enough, those brand new tires in Pennsylvania might cost you as much as $1,000! But if you can get retreaded truck tires in Frackville, PA, you might be able to get away with spending half that!
But what about their safety? Are the retread tires in New Jersey just as safe as the new tires in Pennsylvania?

Yes! As long as you buy them from a reputable manufacturer, you can count on your retreads to be just as safe as their brand new counterparts.

Retreads are carefully inspected before and after they’re retreaded. If there are any issues — even tiny ones — the tires are discarded. That way, you drive around on retread tires with as much confidence as you would on new tires!

In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to tell a difference! If you didn’t know those truck tires in Frackville, PA were retreads, you would never feel anything different behind the wheel. To you, they’d hug the road just like the brand new tires in Pennsylvania you spent a fortune on!
You can even count on retread pickup truck tires when your driving conditions aren’t so ideal!

Because they’re manufactured so carefully, your retreaded pickup truck tires can be used in any of the same situations you would put new tires in. For example, your retread tires in New Jersey will be able to withstand all of the snow and ice that new tires withstand. They’ll also be able to tow things, drive through fields, and do anything else that you need your truck to do!

Simply put — if you’d be willing to brave the elements on new tires, you can feel free to brave them on retreads!

Whether you need pickup truck tires — or any other kind of tire — the team at Service Tire Truck Centers makes buying them easy and affordable!

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