Retread Tires – What You Should Expect When Youre Buying Them

If you’re very careful about the tires that you choose, that’s a good thing. Since your tires will determine whether you make it safely through that rainstorm, go sliding on that patch of ice, or wind up spinning out of control, you need tires that are as safe as possible.

That being said, you don’t always have to opt for new tires!


That’s right… You can get all of the same safety benefits from retread tires! And if you’re buying retreads from a quality retailer, you can expect these 4 things:

1. Retread tires that look just like new tires

All retreads are done by certified professionals, so they should look no different than the batch of new tires that’s for sale.Remember, retread tires are old tires that have had a new layer of rubber applied to them. As their name implies, the tread on retreads should look just as new and fresh as a new tire’s does.

2. Retread tires that are much cheaper than their new counterparts

The biggest benefit to getting retreads is the cost. After all, new tires are expensive! Even if you wind up with just one flat that needs to be replaced, you can easily spend hundreds of dollars. Luckily, retread tires give you the power to get safe, name-brand tires – without spending a fortune.

A good retailer will have retread tires available at a cost that is 50% or 60% less than that of new tires. If the prices are any closer than that, you’re overpaying.

3. Retread tires that come in all sizes

A quality retailer will have a variety of retreads to choose from – not just tires that fit “standard” sedans. After all, if you need truck tires in Lancaster, PA, orrims and tires in Maryland , you want to be able to get a deal, too!

4. Retread tires that can handle anything that Mother Nature throws at them

Whether you need truck tires in Lancaster, PA, compact tires in New Hampshire, or rims and tires in Maryland, you need tires that can handle the heat, rain, snow, and ice. After all, the last thing you want is for the elements to throw you into a tailspin!

When you buy retread tires from a quality retailer, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting a quality product that’s going to be able to handle all sorts of weather conditions.

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