Wheel Reconditioning and Retread Tires – 2 Ways to Make Your Car Look New

If you think that your old car has to look old, think again! You can make your car look brand new, just by getting some professional work done on your wheels and tires. And, luckily, it’s cheaper than you might think!

So, what kind of work do you need?

If your car looks a little dingy, start with a makeover at the bottom – with retread tires and wheel reconditioning. You’ll be amazed at how a little wheel and tire work can make your entire car sparkle like new!
Here’s how each process works:

The next time you get a flat tire or wind up with a set of bald Goodyear truck tires, opt for retreads over a brand new set. Retread tires will save you a bunch of money – without forcing you to sacrifice any safety measures!

Retread tires are what they sound like – tires that have had a new tread applied, then are inspected by a licensed professional. However, just any ol’ tire isn’t used to make a retread. Instead, tires have to meet certain standards before they can be turned into retreads.

Retread tires usually cost about half of what you would pay for a brand new tire. Once they’re done, though, you won’t be able to tell retreads from the brand new Goodyear truck tires you were considering buying. They’re that well-made!

Wheel reconditioning, on the other hand, focuses on your wheel itself – rather than the tire around it. When you get your wheels reconditioned, all of the work is done by licensed professionals. They’ll start by using a special tool called a shot blast to get rid of all the dirt and grime that has built up over time.

Once your professionals get a look at the bare metal, they’ll be able to see if there are any cracks or rust spots that need to be fixed. Remember, even the tiniest of defects can be dangerous out on the road!

The next part of the wheel reconditioning process is the iron phosphate bath – during which, your wheels are dipped into special chemicals to strengthen them against the anti-ice chemicals used out on the roads. After that, your wheels will be painted any color you choose.

Luckily, these two processes will work on vehicles of all shapes and sizes – from tiny compact cars to giant trucks. No matter what you drive, you can make your ride look like new!

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