Store Fixtures Aren’t the Only Thing You Need to Sell Your Products

As important as your store fixtures are, you also need these two things to make the right impression.

If you own a store, you know that having it organized properly is Rule #1. After all, if people walk in and think your stuff is cluttered and messy-looking, they’re certainly not going to stick around to dig through it all — much less buy anything! That’s why having the right store fixtures is so important.
But organization isn’t the only key to success. Your bottom line isn’t going to be healthy just with a few store fixtures on the walls, or with a few strategically-placed display pieces on the floors or on your countertops. Instead, you need to take things even further.
So, how do you do it?
First, you have to invest in the right clothing hangers. That may seem like a trivial detail, but it’s incredibly important. In fact, the clothing hangers you buy will set the tone for your entire store!
How so?
Let’s say you’ve got a great sweater collection — but you’ve got a bunch of flimsy wire hangers that aren’t strong enough to hold the sweaters up. Instead of showing them off, your hangers are going to make your sweaters look saggy, heavy, and bulky. That’s not the look most of your customers are going for, so they’re never going to try them on!
Or, let’s say you just got a huge shipment of tank tops in. But if you didn’t spring for nice clothing hangers (and, instead, opted for the cheap ones that your tank tops keep sliding off of), no one’s going to want to deal with the pile of tank tops on the floor — meaning you’re never going to sell anything!
That’s why you have to analyze your clothes carefully — then make sure you’ve got hangers that showcase them in the best light possible.
But you can’t stop there.
You also need to place a big emphasis on your retail shopping bags.
You might be tempted to think that your bags don’t matter. After all, people only get one AFTER they’ve spent money!
However, your retail shopping bags are like the “cherry on top” for your store. They’re the final impression people take away. If your bags are too flimsy to support their purchases, customers aren’t going to like it very much.
And, remember, your retail shopping bags are a big part of your branding. They’re a walking advertisement! That means you’ve got to make sure they make the right impression on POTENTIAL customers, too.

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