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Vacuum Maintenance for Thin Film Evaporation

Guest post is provided by Denton Vacuum, LLC, specializing in PECVD sputtering systems. Visit their website for more information. Vacuums are an amazing piece of technology that allow for the process of laying thin layers of metal or other materials by condensing the material by a method called thin film evaporation. This process heats the […]

How Deposition Vacuums Offer Quality Results

Guest post provided by Denton Vacuum, LLC.Denton Vacuum manufactures machines that employ precision sputter deposition methods for diamond-like film quality. Visit for more information. Summary: Vacuum deposition systems are high quality instruments that use sputtering methods to lay ultra-thin metallic and dielectric coatings to various surfaces. The applications for these processes are numerous in […]

How to Buy a High Vacuum Evaporation and Sputtering System

Many industries depend on high vacuum evaporation and sputtering systems to accomplish a wide range of tasks. In fact, this complicated yet important vacuum and sputter deposition is used in the microscopy, optics, solar, medical, and semiconductor industries, to name a few. Some businesses might use this vacuum for forensic analysis, while others might use […]

Store Fixtures Aren’t the Only Thing You Need to Sell Your Products

As important as your store fixtures are, you also need these two things to make the right impression. If you own a store, you know that having it organized properly is Rule #1. After all, if people walk in and think your stuff is cluttered and messy-looking, they’re certainly not going to stick around to […]