How to Buy a High Vacuum Evaporation and Sputtering System

Many industries depend on high vacuum evaporation and sputtering systems to accomplish a wide range of tasks. In fact, this complicated yet important vacuum and sputter deposition is used in the microscopy, optics, solar, medical, and semiconductor industries, to name a few.

Some businesses might use this vacuum for forensic analysis, while others might use it for education and training purposes. It can also be used for high resolution microscopy coatings, metal and dielectric films, and failure analysis.

Whether you’re in the medical industry or emerging technologies, it might be time for your company to purchase a new high vacuum evaporation and sputtering system.
Purchasing a high vacuum evaporation and sputtering system involves a lot of time and research.
Here are a few tips on how to buy the right system for your needs.

Find a specialty company. It’s no surprise that not every vacuum company manufactures vacuum coating systems. Select a company that designs and manufactures systems that deposit ultra-thin metallic and dielectric coatings for your industry. You will also want to find a company with many years of experience that might even have several products for the type of application you’re looking for.

Analyze the special features. In order to purchase the right system, you will have to research the special features to ensure that it offers everything you need. For example, does the vacuum feature a magnetron sputtering system? Are you looking for a product that offers a large base plate, so that it can accommodate more feedthroughs? Do you need a model that offers a powerful control system?

Depending on your needs, you will need to read through the special features to ensure you’re buying the right model. The Bench Top Turbo offered through Denton Vacuum, for example, offers thermal evaporation, small DC sputter cathode, integrated thickness monitors and controllers, and AC glow. Some companies even provide custom features, which means they can work with your design team to create a system that works for you, such as e-beam evaporation.

Search for a company that offers additional support. Now that you’ve found the right product, you might need assistance with the installation of the model. Or, you might need the company to train your team on using the product. Find a company that offers professional installation as well as personalized training sessions.

You can even find a company such as Denton Vacuum, LLC that offers real-time support. To learn more about high vacuum evaporation and sputtering systems, please visit

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