Retread Tires – Why They Can Be Used Anywhere

Whether you’re dealing with tires for your minivan, tires for your box truck, or trailer tires, your tires are the most important part of your car. After all, they are the only thing that connects you to the road! Without good tires, you won’t be able to navigate safely through different road conditions.
Unfortunately, though, tires are also an expensive part of your car. Even if you only need one, it can cost you a couple hundred dollars! So, what can you do to save some money without cutting any corners when it comes to safety?

Get retread tires!

What are they?

Retreads are used tires that have been professionally re-coated with a new layer of rubber. These tires wind up with a completely new tread. And, since all of the work is done carefully, by trained professionally, you can’t even tell the difference between retread tires and brand new ones!

Are retread tires really safe?


Before used tires can be turned into retreads, they have to go through a rigorous examination process. A certified professional looks at each individual tire. The ones that are too worn are discarded, while the ones that are in good shape are turned into retreads.

Once the work is done, these tires meet all of the same safety standards that new tires do, so they are just as safe as that new tire – only they don’t cost as much. In fact, buying retreads can save you 50% or 60% of the money you would have had to spend on new tires! As an added benefit, using retread tires is a great way to “go green” – because you’re not clogging up landfills with old tires!

So, when can you use retread tires?

Luckily, retreads are available in all sizes – whether you need new tires for your compact car, new trailer tires for your fleet of 18-wheelers, or new mining tires in PA.

Additionally, since retread tires meet all of the same safety standards that new tires do, they can be used in any condition. So if your mining tires in PA need to be able to work on the hard, frozen ground, you can count on them to do it. Or, if you need trailer tires that can travel across the country, withstanding both the snow and ice of the northeast and the heat and humidity of the Deep South, you can count on your retreads to deliver.

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