Retread Tires – Use Them to Give Your Old Car a New Look

Think that you have to get a new ride to get a new look?
Think again!

When you tap into the power of retread tires, you can make your old car look new again – without spending an arm and a leg.

How do they work?

Retread tires are tires that have been used before and have a new, professional tread added to them. It may sound a little risky, but it’s all completely safe.

That’s because the tires used to make retreads are carefully inspected by a licensed professional first. If they’ve got any dangerous deficiencies whatsoever, they are promptly disposed of.

Then, after the new tread has been applied, retreads are inspected by a licensed professional yet again – and, again, any tires that seem at all problematic are disposed of.

As an added benefit, they can be used for practically any vehicle. You can get traditional tires or OTR tires. No matter which one you pick, the retreading process is the same.

So, how does this make your car look like new?
Once they’ve been retreaded, these traditional and OTR tires don’t look any different from their brand new counterparts. It’s like giving your car a makeover from the ground up! After all, how bad do you old, worn, bald tires look? If they’re bad enough, they can actually make your car look older than it is. How much better would your car look with a shiny new set of tires?

By replacing those old tires with a set of retreads, you can get that shiny, just-out-of-the-factory look!

But what about saving money?

Retread tires offer the best of both worlds – a new look, at a used price. Typically, you can count on retreads to cost about half of what that brand new set of tires costs. That way, you can upgrade your car, without having to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars!
And, if you want to take your retread tires one step further, combine them with a good wheel reconditioning. In fact, you can even use the money you saved on your retreads to pay for it!

What is it?

A professional wheel reconditioning removes all of the dirt, grime, rust, and other ugliness from your metal wheels. Once your wheels are clean, they are then given a special coating that makes them look shiny and new. You can even opt to have them painted a special color if you want! But even if you just settle for combining a basic wheel reconditioning with a set of retread tires, you’re going to wind up with a car that looks years newer. It’s the perfect way to impress that cute girl or get more for your trade-in!

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