Retread Tires – 3 Things You Probably Dont Know About Them

Think you know all about retread tires? If you don’t think they’re a great buy, you don’t know as much about them as you should!
Retreads come with a number of benefits – many of which you may have already heard. But here are 3 things you probably don’t know about them:

1. They go through two rigorous inspection processes
With retreads, you don’t just cross your fingers and hope that you get a reliable set of tires to drive around on! Instead, retread tires face a tremendous amount of scrutiny – both before they go through the retreading process and after.
Not all tires qualify to be used as retreads. Some are simply too worn or in too bad of shape to be used ever again. Trained experts examine each tire, and, if it doesn’t meet the proper guidelines, it’s disposed of. That way, the retread tires in York, PA are just as safe as the brand new tires in York, PA.
But that’s not all.
Once retread tires are actually retreaded, they’re examined again – this time, to make sure that the new tread attached properly and evenly. Again, if a tire doesn’t meet the specific guidelines, it’s disposed of.

2. They don’t look or feel any different from brand new tires
Because they are so rigorously inspected and take advantage of state-of-the-art tools and techniques, retread tires look no different than the expensive brand new tires you see sitting on the showroom floor.
And they feel just as good, too!
When you’re out driving around on them – even at high speeds – you won’t notice any difference between retreads and brand new tires. They are designed to be just as safe as the tires that just rolled off the assembly line.

3. They can save you enough money to get your wheels reconditioned
Since retreads cost about half the price of their brand new counterparts, you can do a number of things with all of the money you save. If you want to put that money back into your car, consider getting your wheels reconditioned. By finding a group of professionals that handles both rims and tires in Maryland, you can wind up with safer tires and shinier wheels!
Plus, when you address both your rims and tires in Maryland, you make your entire car look newer. By getting rid of rust, dirt, and worn tires, you c an instantly increase the value of your car – and make even more money when you turn around to sell it later!

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