Retread Tires – 3 Reasons to Drive Around on Them

When’s the last time you bought brand new tires? Chances are it cost you hundreds of dollars. With retread tires, though, you get to save some valuable money without cutting any corners when it comes to safety and quality.

So, the next time you need new tires, why should you opt for retreads?

Because buying them comes with these 3 benefits:

1.They are cheaper than brand new tires
Buying a whole new set of Goodyear truck tires can take a major chunk out of your wallet. Luckily, retread tires can save you some much-needed “green”. That’s because retread tires are used tires that have been professionally re-done. With retreads, a professional recoats each tire with new rubber and fresh tread. Then, each tire is inspected by a professional to make sure that everything has adhered properly.

Since they have an entirely new outer layer of rubber and tread, retread tires will not wear out any sooner than their brand new counterparts. You can count on them to last as long as new tires do – meaning you won’t have to spend any more money on tires for quite awhile!

2.They are just as safe as new tires

They might technically be considered “used tires”, but just to look at them or drive on them, it is impossible to tell the difference between retread tires and brand new ones. Since the tread on retreads is brand new, it will grip the road the same exact way that new tires do – meaning that it offers all of the safety features that brand new tires do.

Retreads are also safe enough to handle any kind of weather condition. So, if you need tires in York, PA, that can hold their own against snow, ice, and salty roads, you can count on retreads.They are just as safe as the brand new tires in York, PA!

Remember – whether you’re driving on a bright sunny day or through a blizzard, your tires are your only connection to the road. You need something safe, and retreads can give it to you!

3.They come with the same brand names as new tires
If you insist on only driving around on the biggest brand name tires, you can get them with retreads. That’s because retread tires come from all sorts of different companies – in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. So, whether you need Goodyear truck tires or Michelin compact tires, you can get them with retreads.

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