Make a lifestyle change. Switch to Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

If one could pick any part of one’s body to improve, the majority of people would choose to improve their abs.  Hollywood has placed a premium on 6 pack abs and it has become a focused way of showing off one’s fitness level.  Making basic lifestyle changes like drinking low calorie alcoholic drinks and remembering statistics like how many calories in a banana will really help you. The six-pack is not an easy thing to obtain and unfortunately for some, genetics plays a large role and they will never be able to have well defined abs although they can be trim and solid around their mid-section.

A common misconception is that great six pack abs comes from doing lots of sit ups, crunches and core exercises.  Now while that is partly true, that is not the most effective way to get them.  To the dismay of many, six pack abs are best created by a combination of diet, cardio, and ab exercises.  The most important part is one’s diet.  The body has to process food and if one is eating a ton of calories and terribly unhealthy foods it has to put the amount it can’t process somewhere to be stored as fat.  For most, that is the belly.  Cutting down on your calories and watching what you eat will help. Having some protein shake recipes handy will really do wonders for controlling your appetite and getting the appropriate nutrients

There is a layer of fat between your abs and your skin and you need to minimize that fat to best show of your abs.  By doing cardio exercises and coupling that with a good diet one can lower the amount of fat in the body.  After having lowered your body fat percentage, strengthening your abs with different exercises will help to make them pop and stand out.


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