Discount Wedding Supplies – 3 You Should Take Advantage Of

Contrary to what you see on TV, planning a wedding doesn’t have to put you into debt. Luckily, there are some great discount wedding supplies online that might be cheap – but don’t look cheap.

So, which discount wedding supplies are the most important?

1. Personalized napkins

Truly memorable weddings focus on every little detail. Personalized napkins may not seem like much right now, but they’ll help to tie everything together on your big day.

First, personalized napkins can be ordered in basically any color you want. That way, they’re easy to tie into your color scheme. They’re also a great way to add a splash of color. For example, if you want to incorporate some bright pink – but only in small instances – having some bright pink personalized napkins is a great way to do it.

Second, you can get personalized napkins that say just about anything you want. You can stay traditional, and get napkins that list the bride and groom’s names or the date. Or, you can be more creative and opt for personalized napkins that have the couple’s favorite quote on them, or a lyric from their wedding song.

And since personalized napkins are so affordable, you can even afford to spring for two different sets – one for cocktail hour and one for the formal reception! You can even get a smaller batch for your rehearsal dinner if you want!

2. Chair slipcovers

Whether you’re hosting 50 guests or 500 guests, dealing with rental chairs can be a big, expensive pain. However, by adding chair slipcovers into the mix, you can make things a lot easier on yourself.


With chair slipcovers, you can use them to cover up chairs that don’t look good on their own – like folding chairs. That way, you can save some money by renting cheaper chairs, without getting a cheaper look!

Plus, chair slipcovers are another great way to draw out your color scheme. You can either opt for chair slipcovers that match your tablecloth, or slipcovers that come in a totally different color.

3. A wedding cake stand

By the time your guests get a little champagne and dancing under their belts, they will be more than ready for a yummy cake! Luckily, a discount wedding cake stand can show off your bakery masterpiece – without costing you a fortune.

A good retailer will have a wedding cake stand collection that complements just about any d├ęcor, and any budget. These stands come in different shapes, are made out of different materials, and can cost as little as a couple of bucks. No matter what you choose, your cake will be the focal point!

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