4 Things Every Wedding Needs to Succeed

Between saying “I do” and cutting the cake, you need to work hard to make your wedding as exciting and magical for your guests as it is for you. To do it, you’ll need these 4 things:

1. The right tablecloths

As soon as your guests walk into your reception hall, they will notice the décor. The biggest thing that will stand out? Your tablecloths. Opt for cheap-looking tablecloths, and your guests will immediately feel a “cheap” vibe. By picking out tablecloths that look great, your wedding will have a feeling of elegance right from the start.

And don’t think that you have to settle for traditional black or white tablecloths. Look online, and you’ll find a rainbow of colors and fabrics that can match any décor.

2. Chair slipcovers that complement your tablecloths

Once your guests check out the tablecloths, the next thing that will catch their eye is the chair slipcovers. By getting some that complement your tablecloths, you can integrate two different colors into your décor – without looking busy. Or, use a sash or ribbon around your chair slipcovers to give a small splash of color.

As an added benefit, you can use chair slipcovers to cover up cheap chair rentals. That way, you can get the cheapest chairs possible, but they’ll still look elegant!

3. Personalized napkins

Successful weddings include every last detail. Something like personalized napkins may not seem like much now, but when they’re sitting on your tables and underneath your guests’ cocktails, they’ll add a classy touch. You might even get a few compliments out of them!

Personalized napkins are available in a near-endless array of colors – at wholesale rates – so they will fit into any décor without breaking your budget. Plus, you can make them say anything you want – from the bride and groom’s names to the date of the event.

4. Wedding favors

By offering everyone a small trinket, your guests will be able to take the magic of your special day home with them. Luckily, wedding favors don’t have to be anything big – or anything too pricey. Giving everyone something as simple as some personalized candy, a wine stopper, or even a tiny picture frame can be a great way of saying “thanks” to everyone who shared your special day.

As an added benefit, you can typically find wedding favors online, at wholesale prices that can fit into even the smallest of wedding budgets.

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