3 Things That Need to Go on Top of Your Fancy Tablecloths

If you are hosting any kind of formal event, you probably know that your tablecloths are going to help set the tone for the entire décor. After all, their sheer size and color makes them a key part of any design.

But if you think that buying a few fancy tablecloths is enough to decorate for your big event, think again. If you really want to provide a magical atmosphere for your guests, you will need to put these 3 things on top of your tablecloths:

1.Silk flowers

Even the highest-quality tablecloths will look bare without a centerpiece on top. By getting silk flowers, instead of real ones, you can save yourself a whole bunch of time and frustration. With real flowers, you have to have them delivered right before your big event starts – when you’re already rushing around with a million other things to do! But with silk flowers, you can buy them months in advance, and they’ll look just as good.

As an added benefit, today’s silk flowers are designed to look so lifelike that your guests probably won’t even realize that they’re silk!

2.Personalized napkins

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a bar mitzvah, or a company awards banquet, personalized napkins can go a long way towards making your event a good one. Personalized napkins might be a small detail – but it’s the small details that make an event go from good to great.

Luckily, there are a ton of different personalized napkins to choose from. You can simply opt for having the bride and groom’s names on some cocktail napkins, or you can go all-out with formal dinner napkins that have the name and date of the event on them. And, of course, personalized napkins come in a rainbow of colors, so they will fit into any décor.

3.Wedding favors

If you are hosting a wedding, then having wedding favors on your tables is an absolute must. They don’t have to cost a fortune, but wedding favors add an extra touch to your evening. They are something that shows your guests that you appreciate them coming, and they give your guests a little something to remember the evening by.

Your wedding favors can be as unique as you are. You can opt for anything from personalized candy, to picture frames, to wine corks. Luckily, by shopping at the right retailer, you can get bulk discounts on your wedding favors – making them a cheap feature that doesn’t look cheap!

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