Your Swimming Pool Skimmer — 3 Things You Need to Know

Don’t think it’s important to understand what your swimming pool skimmer does?
Think again!

If you want to get the most out of your pool, there are 3 things you need to know about your skimmer:

1. Without one, your pool will be full of dirt

You might think that because you’ve got one of those fancy pool vacuums that your pool will always be neat and tidy. However, those vacuums only clean the bottom of your pool. When it comes to debris at the surface — like dirt, bugs, and even a thin layer of suntan lotion — your swimming pool skimmer has to take care of it.

In most cases, your skimmer will suck in water from the top 1/8″ of your pool. In the process, any dirt and debris will get caught in special cartridge pool filters that are held in a small basket on the side of your pool.

So, if your skimmer isn’t working properly, you’ll wind up with a layer of debris floating on top of your pool. That’s not exactly inviting and refreshing, now is it?!

2. Your swimming pool skimmer helps the water, too

All of that pool water getting sucked into the skimmer is a good thing — for more than just getting rid of dirt. By constantly moving your pool water around, your skimmer is actually keeping the water safer.


Even though you put chemicals in it, your pool water can easily turn unhealthy if it’s left to just sit around. Stagnant water is more likely to develop algae and other dangers that can turn your pool into a downright danger!

3. Your skimmer has a ton of parts

The basket and cartridge pool filters may seem basic enough, but there’s a whole lot more to your skimmer than that! Remember, your swimming pool skimmer has to be turned on and off, so it has to be connected to your main pool controls. That means there are a lot of automatic pool cleaner parts between the basket you see and the motor outside!

And, unfortunately, any one of those automatic pool cleaner parts can break and cause your skimmer to stop working — or, at the very least, stop working the way it should be. If you notice any issues with your skimmer — for example, dirt on top of the water that doesn’t seem to go away — it’s time to talk to a pool professional. The longer you let your skimmer suffer, the more danger your entire pool is in!

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