The Style Guide to “Kicks”

If you read that and wondered what “kicks” were, then you probably need a review in the current trends and popular shoes (and perhaps lingo too). In case you didn’t know, shoes are kind of a big deal. Your shoes say a lot about you and they often shape how others perceive you.

There’s a popular expression that states, “Walk a mile in another man’s shoes.” Unfortunately, no one’s going to want to do that if they’re completely lacking in S-T-Y-L-E.
For our fashion victim friends, particularly of the footwear kind, here are some things to take note of.
1) Comfort is in.

Just because shoes are popular, doesn’t automatically mean they’re uncomfortable. Maybe you’ve been assuming that those popular New Balance’s or Chucks are not made for comfort. First of all, it’s never good to make assumptions and you never know until you try something (on) for yourself. There are plenty of brands and shoes that specifically design for comfort and style.
2) Classic never goes out of style.

There is a reason that certain brands have been around for as many eras as they have. They make amazing shoes! The iconic Adidas Campus 80s are still a staple for basket-ballers, skaters and hip-hop moguls alike. Vans and Converse also make great shoes and some of their most popular pairs are their most classic styles. If you are truly a fashion disaster at heart, get some assistance from the sales girl. She gets paid to tell you what looks good.
3) Choose shoes that fit your lifestyle.

If you’re a skater who’s going to be spending every day on the board, it’s important to pick out the right pair to work with that. If you spend every night shooting hoops, find some comfortable and sturdy basketball shoes that will keep you jumping’ right. Don’t just copy your friends because you’re digging what they got on below the ankle. This isn’t rocket science people, pick shoes that fit into your specific lifestyle.

4) Choose something out of the ordinary for you.
We still believe in the importance of shoes matching your lifestyle, however, it’s also important to step out of your comfort zone in life. While shoes may seem like a minor risk in the larger scheme of things, new shoes can create a big change. Incredible shoes can catapult your style, confidence and maybe even your entire lifestyle, to a higher level.

We hope these tips will help you pick out a pair that will take you from lame-footed to slick and fresh. As the old proverb says, “Now for good luck, cast an old shoe after me.” Go on now and throw those wannabe-DC’s in the trash. Then head over to your local basketball and skate shoe sale and get your new kicks. Hopefully, by now you know we mean shoes.
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