What Should You Expect in a Tenant Screening Report?

You’ll never get the best tenants unless your tenant screening report comes with these 2 things.

When you’re a landlord, time really is money! After all, the longer your house or office space sits unoccupied, the more money that’s coming out of your pocket. As a result, you’ve got to come up with a way to get a tenant screening report that’s fast — without cutting any corners. (Remember, your goal is to get a great tenant, not just any ol’ one!)
That’s why you need to turn to a professional — and expect these two things from their services:

1. A full assessment of the tenant credit report
Let’s face it, there is no crystal ball that can tell you whether or not this person is actually going to pay his rent every month. The only thing that comes close is a credit check for landlords.
By conducting a thorough look at the tenant credit report, you’ll be able to see just how responsible your potential tenant really is. Does he pay his other bills on time? Does he let debt pile up? Does he have a lot of other debts to worry about that he may be inclined to pay before he pays you?
Bottom line — if the credit check for landlords isn’t your professional company’s first stop in their tenant screening process, you’ve got the wrong people working for you!

2. An instant background check
Once you’ve established that there’s a good chance that your tenant is actually going to pay you, you need to make sure that he’s a law-abiding citizen. After all, the last thing you need is for your tenant to turn your home into a meth lab!
Luckily, an instant background check can help clear up your fears. With it, your company can tell in a few mouse clicks whether or not your potential tenant is an ex-con or whether he’s a decent person that you can trust to take good care of your property.
And, more importantly, by getting access to this information instantly, you don’t have to hold the application process up any longer than necessary. After all, your tenant may have applied to more than one place. If it takes you weeks (or even days!) to get ahold of information, you may miss out on a great tenant!
Just remember — while a person’s criminal history is an important part of any tenant screening report, it may not be enough to deny their application altogether. You’ll have to check with the laws of your state to see what type of criminal past justifies denying someone’s rental application.

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