What Should You Be Looking for in a Healthcare Online Bill Pay Company?

Medical clinics’ merchant accounts work a little differently than traditional accounts do. After all, you’re not in the business of selling sweaters. You’re dealing with sensitive health records and information that you’re required by law to keep confidential. The last thing you need is your healthcare online bill pay company to get you into trouble!
That’s why you need to look for physicians’ group merchant accounts that offer these 4 things:

1. Complete security
Clearly, this is something that any kind of merchant account service needs to offer, but it’s especially important when you’re dealing with >credit card processing for healthcare. If patients’ credit card information gets out, it won’t just put their finances at risk. It will completely compromise their privacy!
In fact, a good healthcare online bill pay company won’t stop at basic data encryption and fraud monitoring. Instead, they’ll take things one step further — by making sure that all of their equipment and procedures are in full compliance with HIPAA laws.

2. Installment plans
Let’s face it — in today’s world, healthcare charges are expensive! A good healthcare online bill pay company understands that, which is why they’ll build some type of installment plan into their system. That way, your patients will have an easy way to pay chunks of their bills — whether it’s automated monthly payments or some other plan that you come up with.
Traditional merchant account services aren’t used to this kind of thing. They’re used to people swiping their credit cards and transferring the entire purchases price from one account to another, all at once. If you want your installment plan done correctly, you’ll need to rely on special medical clinics’ merchant accounts.

3. Custom reporting services
Since a successful medical office has tons of patients, you need a way to keep all of your billing records straight. That’s why good physicians’ group merchant accounts will provide you with custom reports, so that you can see where each patient’s bill stands and even what was collected at the end of each day, week, or month.

4. A free trial
When it comes to something as important as credit card processing for healthcare, you can’t be too careful. A good healthcare online bill pay company knows this — which is why they’ll be happy to offer you a free trial version of their services. If you’re dealing with a good company, they know their services are so good that you won’t be able to say goodbye when the free trial is up!

The team at Safe Pay Services does just that — gives your patients a safe way to pay their bills! Visit them today at www.safepayservices.com.

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