What Do You Need to Know About Your Next 4×4 Tire Purchase?

Just because you don’t wash and wax it like you do your “fancier” cars doesn’t mean that your 4×4 vehicle doesn’t need some of the same TLC — especially when it comes to its tires. In fact, because your put your 4×4 vehicle through so much, you need to be extra-careful when it comes time to buy tires.
That means that you need to follow these 3 tips during your next 4×4 tire purchase:

1. Don’t be afraid to buy them online
Sure, you won’t get to see them in person like you would in a traditional showroom, but online retailers offer perks that those traditional showrooms don’t.
Like what?

First and foremost is the price. Typically, you can make a 4×4 tire purchase for much less online than you would make in person.

Second is the experience itself. Instead of having a salesman breathing down your neck, you’ll get to take your time to find the tires that are perfect for you. And, if you realize that the tires you ordered aren’t as great as you thought, just return them for a full refund!

2. Be on the lookout for big brands
Just because a 4×4 tire set isn’t as “glamorous” as a set of tires that would go on a European luxury car doesn’t mean that the same top-quality brands don’t offer it! In fact, a good retailer will have Pirelli tires for sale that will fit nicely on your 4×4 vehicle. Yes, Pirelli tires for sale will cost you more than some of their other counterparts, but they’ll give you a smooth ride that you’ll be hard-pressed to beat!
Another brand to look for? Firestone. In fact, you may be able to get a great deal by finding a Firestone tire sale. That way, you can take advantage of the quality craftsmanship that comes with a great brand like Firestone AND save some money. It doesn’t get much better than that!

3. Look for specifics
The right 4×4 tire purchase will correspond directly to your driving habits. So, if you spend a lot of time riding off road, look for a special set of off road tires. Or, if you spend a lot of time driving around in the snow, look for tires that are specially-designed to handle the ice and snow.

That’s another benefit to buying one of the bigger brands; they have a lot of variety to choose from. So, when you shop at a Firestone tire sale, you’ll have a near-endless selection of treads to choose from. That way, no matter what kind of conditions you like to brave, your tires will be able to keep up!

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