Web Radio – 5 Reasons You Should be Tuning In

Have you taken advantage of web radio yet?
If not, here are 5 reasons to start tuning in:

1. You can listen to anything you want
Web radio is a collection of live radio streams from all over the world. So, no matter what kind of music you’re into, it’s easy to find a station that plays it. Good web radio sites offer everything from top 40, to salsa music, to jazz music. All you have to do is pick a genre that appeals to you, and choose from dozens of different stations.

2. You can listen to new music, before it’s available in your area

Love top 40 music, but hate that the latest hits take forever to get played on the radio stations in your small town? With web radio, you can listen to all of the newest songs! That’s because these websites don’t just allow you to search by genre; you can also search for a station based on location.

So, if you know that the radio stations in New York and Los Angeles are always the first to play new top 40 hits, you can listen to a station in one of those cities and be the first in your town to know what’s going on in the music world!

3. You get to listen to music picked out by professional DJ’s

Lots of online music services offer a ton of different genres to choose from. However, the songs you wind up listening to are randomly selected by a computer – which can make for some bizarre choices.

Instead, when you listen to web radio, you get to listen to music that’s part of a professional playlist, created by a professional DJ. That way, you won’t have to wonder about questionable songs floating through your speakers.

4. You never have to pay a dime

Web radio isn’t just a great resource for music; it’s also completely free! After all, you don’t have to pay to listen to radio stations the old fashioned way. When you listen to a radio station online, it works the same way – just pick a station and start listening. Good web radio sites will never ask you for download fees or subscription costs. They’ll also never ask you to sign up for any email lists or impose any listening limits.

5. You have the perfect way to get your party started
Throwing a Mardi Gras party, and looking for a way to make it as authentic as possible? Use web radio to find a jazz music station out of New Orleans, and start jamming! With web radio, the possibilities are endless – meaning that if your party’s a dud, it won’t be the music’s fault!

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