4 Ways to Use Streaming Radio at Your Next Party

Want to make the most out of your next get-together? Crank up the streaming radio!

Think that streaming radio is nothing but a convenient way to make the work day go faster? Think again! It can actually be the perfect centerpiece at your next party.
Here’s how:

1. Turn your girls’ night into a 90’s party
Remember when you and all your girlfriends thought that boy bands were all the rage? Why not turn back the clock and belt out the words to your favorite 90’s musicradio, you’ll be able to listen to 90’s music all night long without paying any download fees, signing up for any subscription services, dealing with any royalty costs, or worrying about any listening limits. That way, you and your girlfriends can sing into your hairbrushes for as long as you want!

2. Turn a boring Tuesday into Fat Tuesday
Even if you’re not in New Orleans, you can have your own awesome Mardi Gras celebration by finding a great Jazz music station on a streaming radio website. Throw on some beads, bake one of those fancy Mardi Gras cakes, and it will be just like you’re in the heart of the French Quarter!
And, as an added benefit, while you’re jamming to Jazz music, you won’t even have to wait in line for the bathroom! Instead, you’ll get to celebrate Mardi Gras right in the comfort of your own home!

3. Turn your next party into a theme party
If you’re looking for a way to spice things up for your guests — without spending an arm and a leg — log onto a streaming radio website and look for a station that makes for the perfect theme. For example, you could opt for a Disco Inferno party, a Salsa dancing party, or an 80’s hair band party. That way, your guests will be treated to a scene that they’ll remember for a long time, and you won’t have to spend a dime to do it!

4. Turn your high school reunion into a happenin’ affair
You know how those reunions go… Everyone sits around and waits for an acceptable time to leave. If you want to make this reunion different, head online to a streaming radio website and look for music that was popular during your school days. That way, you won’t be stuck sitting around talking about your younger days; you’ll actually get to go out on the dance floor and relive them!

You’ll always have a rockin’ party when you log onto www.onlineradiostations.com!

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