Useful Ways to Use Foam Futons

Guest Post provided by The Foam Factory. The Foam Factory provides various kinds of foam, including dry fast foam, for futon use. Visit their website today for more information.
Summary: Foam futons are a versatile and mobile option for guest rooms, play rooms and home offices. Futon mattresses can be replaced to suit the needs of the individual.
Futons are known for their versatility and portability in a variety of environments. Futons are a favorite among college students, recreational vehicle owners and studio apartment tenants because they save so much space. Futons come in all types of functions. Most commonly, their backs can be adjusted up and down to convert from a couch to a bed. But the arm rests can also be adjusted and some even come with a foot rest. A custom foam mattress can also be made to specially fit your individual futon for extra comfort and support.
A futon used in a guest room is certainly ideal. If you have a 3-4 bedroom house, you might want that bedroom to double up as something else. A guest bedroom makes a great play room for young children granted that there is enough space for them to play in it and store all of their toys. Dry fast foam is a great substitute for a regular futon mattress, because we all know what kinds of spills kids can make. With a full or queen sized bed creating the space would be a difficult feat to accomplish. However with futons, creating adequate space would be fast and easy. Simply unfold the futon into a bed when you have guests at your home and then fold it back up into a couch when they leave. The kids can play near it or sit on it to watch movies or play video games.
Compared to the price of a headboard, mattress and box spring, you will save a lot more money with foam futons. Home offices could also use futons as a place for sitting with business associates or for relaxing to check emails or to watch the evening news. While a basic chair might suffice in a home office environment, having something more comfortable like a futon may serve your purposes better. As always, a futon is a perfect place for an unexpected guest.
Foam distributors provide a variety of custom foam seat options. Futon mattresses can be custom made to fit any length, width or height of a futon mattress. You can add a more comfortable eggshell mattress topper to your futon mattress for extra support. Or perhaps, you could change your futon mattress out altogether and insert a memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses are known for their comfort and transferability, giving your spine adequate support without any hard bumps or uncomfortably sinking areas. If you like your frame but hate your mattress, you don’t have to buy a new futon. You just need to replace the mattress with something that better suits your needs.

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