Artificial Grass is Great for Pets

Guest post provided by Artificial Turf Supply, an artificial grass manufacturer. Visit the website for great deals.
Summary: Specialty artificial grass can be used to prevent wear and tear from pets on your lawn. The material is non-toxic, durable, stain and odor resistant for a beautiful home landscape.
If you’ve never thought of using synthetic grass to ward off the devastation that your loveable four-legged friends are capable of inducing on your lawn, consider the following story. You own an adorable golden retriever that you just took in a little over a year ago. He’s potty trained and goes to the bathroom outside. He’s absolutely adorable and great with your kids. You are completely pleased with your new pet except for one thing: your once pristine backyard has become an unsightly, muddy mess. Your dog probably has a favorite spot that he likes to relieve himself, which has become a huge patch of dead, brown grass. The cat that he likes to chase hops over your north fence, causing Fido the urge to dig giant holes below it. Perhaps, you sigh in frustration, he simply needs no reason to destroy your yard at all. The point is, your yard is a mess and there seems to be nothing you can do about it.
However, at your neighbor’s backyard barbeque, you compare how lush their lawn is to yours. To your surprise they disclose that their lawn isn’t real, and that it’s really artificial grass! When you think of artificial grass, you may think of the green fringe on mini-golf courses. That’s great you may say to putt around on, but it wouldn’t look very nice on my lawn. The truth is artificial grass is made in a variety of materials and textures, some of which looks very real to sight and touch. PetPRO is a specific turf designed to meet all of your pet needs, while keeping your yard beautiful. The polyethylene-treated material is impossible to stain or discolor, so your dog’s favorite spot will look just as beautiful as the rest of your lawn. The infill is non-toxic, so if you have a dog that has a taste for grass, you won’t have to worry about him getting sick. The Envirofill infill takes advantage of Microban technology that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. It keeps your grass smelling fresh and feeling clean, allowing dog urine to drain right through.
If you have ever felt like taking care of your pet was more than you bargained for, you aren’t alone. Having fake grass can dramatically improve the way you clean up after your pet, as upkeep is minimal and the durability of the material is absolutely stunning. Artificial turf manufacturers allow homeowners to be free of chores consisting of mowing, watering and weeding. This gives them more time to spend with their families and pets, without worrying about the appearance of their lawn.

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