Toddler Bedroom Furniture — 3 Ways to Get the Most Out of It

Finding the right toddler bedroom furniture is a big deal. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money every few years to upgrade your child’s room, there are a few things you can do now to save yourself some money down the road:

1. Include a few pieces that can grow with your child

Most toddler bedroom furniture is specially-designed for small toddler bodies. However, if you want to make the money you spend on toddler bedroom furniture stretch further, look for a few pieces that will work for your little one now and a few years down the road.
For example, a quality dresser can last your child for years. Your little one may need a little help getting to the top drawer right now, but he’ll have a sturdy piece of furniture that he can still use when he grows up!

2. Include plenty of storage options

The last thing you want is for your little one’s bedroom to look like it got hit by a tornado. That’s why you need toddler bedroom furniture that combines cool colors and designs with plenty of storage space. And, you’ll get bonus points if the storage units you buy are “fun”.

For example, your little girl might think her Barbie storage bin is so cool that she’ll actually enjoy putting her toys away after her friends leave! Or, by putting her art supplies in “cool” Barbie storage drawers, you might actually inspire her to draw more!

You might see buying a few extra storage pieces as spending more money, but when your little one has a clean room, you’ll realize that it was money well-spent!

3. Focus on a theme

Just because they’re smaller than we are doesn’t mean that your kids don’t enjoy the value of a room that’s consistent. That’s why you need boys’ or girls’ bedroom furniture that looks like it belongs together.

But that doesn’t mean you have to deck out the entire room with a particular cartoon character or sports team. Instead, look for girls’ or boys’ bedroom furniture that fits into the same color scheme. For example, if your son loves Paul Frank, get him a bed frame with the monkey’s face on it — but, instead of having to pay for a monkey face on everything, get him boys’ bedroom furniture in the same red or yellow colors.

It’s not just colors, though. The right design elements can also make a difference. For example, if your daughter loves her Barbie castle-shaped desk, look for other castle-shaped girls’ bedroom furniture — like a nightstand with castles carved into it, or a headboard that’s shaped like a castle. Even if it’s not Barbie furniture (with the higher Barbie price tag), the room will still look like it all ties together.

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