Kids’ Bedroom Furniture for Girls — 3 Ideas Your Daughter Will Love

Buying kids’ bedroom furniture for girls can be a little tricky, because girls of all ages can be a little picky! If you’re looking for ways to buy furniture that you and your daughter will both love, take advantage of these 3 ideas:

1. Tap into the power of Hello Kitty bedroom furniture

Thanks to those round little eyes and bright red bow, girls all over the world love Hello Kitty. If you want your daughter to go crazy over her new room, decorate it with Hello Kitty furniture.

Because Kitty is so popular, there is a near-endless variety of Hello Kitty bedroom furniture — from bed frames, to dressers, to vanities, to nightstands, to desk sets. Get enough of it, and your daughter’s Hello Kitty bedroom furniture will make her the most popular girl in her play group!

2. Opt for colors instead of characters

Looking for kids’ bedroom furniture for girls that can last through more than just her toddler years? After all, your daughter may love Hello Kitty right now, but will she want an entire bedroom of Hello Kitty furniture in a few years? Probably not!

But if you still want to indulge her Hello Kitty madness now, opt for kids’ bedroom furniture for girls in the same color pattern — specifically, pink and white. That way, you’ve got a “base” that’s classic, and you can accentuate it with little details that show off your daughter’s current loves. For example, get a Hello Kitty toy box or a comforter set (instead of the entire bed set). That way, once your daughter outgrows Hello Kitty, you will only have to replace a few things.

Want to turn things up a notch with the pink motif? You can even get a kids’ mattress that’s pink! That way, your daughter will even look forward to changing her sheets — because the mattress itself is fun. That’s a win for everyone!

3. Give her plenty of fun places to store things

The right kids’ bedroom furniture for girls isn’t designed just for sleeping and sitting. Your daughter also needs plenty of places to store her toys and organize her clothes, so that her room doesn’t look like a tornado went through it.

The key, though, is making organization fun. For example, get her an easel that has built-in drawers, so that she has a space to be creative — and plenty of space to store her art supplies. Or, get her a kids’ mattress that sits on top of a bed frame with drawers, so that she has plenty of space to store toys. By focusing on “fun” storage, your daughter will enjoy keeping her room clean!

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