Time to Come Clean on your Offshore Bank Account

It is the income tax filing season. Nobody wants to get investigated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for unpaid taxes or hidden incomes. Especially for people who have offshore accounts with total amounts exceeding $10,000, this is a good time to take advantage of the <strong>IRS offshore voluntary disclosure program</strong>. Under this program, before June 30, the citizens who voluntarily disclose their previously undisclosed income can avoid huge penalties or criminal prosecution. If they wait until the IRS investigates, they won’t be qualified to apply for its <a href=”http://www.kahntaxlaw.com/offshore-convictions.php”>offshore voluntary disclosure program</a>.

When people have income tax problems, they are reluctant to take advantage of amnesty programs that the IRS put in place because most of the time they don’t understand the law. For a lay person, legal jargon is always a complicated subject. Also, any lawyer – a close friend, neighbor or colleague – cannot help in this kind of tax problem. To take advantage of IRS offshore voluntary disclosure program, it is important to have a clear understanding about the law.

That’s why it is a smart move to find a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. If a lawyer or a law firm has helped clients with the offshore voluntary disclosure program before, they know how to handle these tax problems. The offshore account holders who visit www.kahntaxlaw.com should check the website’s Frequently Ask Questions. The visitors will find an answer to almost every question they have. Or, they can find an explanation to show that every tactic they had in mind to get away without filing was a bad idea. The kahntaxlaw.com has clear information about how to get your tax problem solved legally with the help of their lawyers who are knowledgeable on <a href=”http://www.kahntaxlaw.com/irs-offshore-tax-investigations.php”>IRS offshore voluntary disclosure</a>. Also, the firm has many office locations. For instance, if a visitor is looking for a San Diego tax lawyer, he or she can find one right there. The website gives a list of counties also that the company’s <strong>San Diego tax lawyer</strong> covers.

People who have offshore accounts and haven’t made any effort to take the advantage of IRS offshore voluntary disclosure, should act fast because the IRS can end this program at any time. It strongly warns that the citizens who haven’t paid taxes regularly may not get another opportunity to disclose their undisclosed incomes and make their income tax payments up to date. If a foreign bank account holder misses this opportunity and get caught of unpaid taxes during an IRS investigation, avoiding jail time will be a difficult task.

To avoid all that trouble, they can take the first step by visiting <a href=”http://www.kahntaxlaw.com/”>www.kahntaxlaw.com</a> and getting help with the income tax problems legally. Everybody wishes tax problems to disappear but unfortunately there’s no gimmick or a magic wand that can make it happen.

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