Can a San Diego tax lawyer help with the offshore voluntary disclosure program?

Have you just realized that you are liable to pay taxes on the $15,000 you have in an offshore bank account and that you are facing the prospect of paying thousands of dollars as penalties for tax evasion and also the possibility of criminal prosecution and jail? You may not have disclosed this purely for the fact that you were unaware that you have to pay taxes for money in another country, but the scenario just mentioned is a very possible one.

You have been given a life line by the IRS by means of the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, where you can disclose all the foreign accounts you have and be exonerated for the non-disclosure and be exempted from paying the fines that are usually imposed.

You need to go no further than your San Diego tax lawyer to get advice on how to get this amnesty. Log on to to get more information on the offshore voluntary disclosure program. They have plenty of experience on this program and have helped many people nationwide.

Though you may feel confident about handling this process on your own you need to be aware of the fact that though this is a voluntary program you will still have to be bound by the conditions of the IRS and they have the right to go back eight years and question you on any of those transactions. One small mistake you make and you will be in serious trouble. A San Diego tax lawyer will be able to analyze your case and will handle the case professionally to get you the best settlement possible.

And even if you do find yourself in the deep end, consulting a tax lawyer in Fairfield from even at that point of time in the process will enable the tax lawyer to use his experience and knowledge to negotiate a favorable settlement on your behalf.

Not disclosing funds in foreign countries could get you in to serious trouble with the IRS and everyone with funds oversees should make use of this opportunity to have their records cleared.

If you have any other tax matters or will and probate matters your lawyer in Fairfield advising you on the voluntary disclosure program can help you, since tax lawyers also act as probate lawyers and make good will lawyers as well.

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