The Top Land Activities in the Bahamas

Most people escape to the Islands of the Bahamas for the beautiful beaches and pristine waters. The crystal-blue waters surrounding these islands average 80 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, making this hot spot ideal for all types of water sports above and underneath the sea. In addition to water sports, visitors flock to the Islands of the Bahamas for boating, sailing and even fishing — it’s no wonder why so many people book their Bahamas vacation rentals more than a year in advance.

However, this island paradise offers guests more than just things to do on or below the water. The Islands of the Bahamas are also known for offering visitors plenty of things to do on land, from nature hikes and birding to world-class entertainment and shopping. Bahamas vacations are indeed as diverse as the people that flock to the islands. Here is a list of the most popular things to do on land in the Islands of the Bahamas.

Nature Hiking: When you embark on a nature hike in the Bahamas, it is not uncommon to come face to face with exotic animals and plants, including iguanas, Caribbean parrots and beautiful orchids. If you want to hike to the highest sport in The Bahamas, you will have to visit Cat Island, the highest point at 203 feet above sea level.

Most Freeport Bahamas hotels and resorts in the Bahamas offer visitors a variety of nature trails and hikes, including guided tours.

Attractions: While most people rather relax at the beach in the Bahamas, others enjoy exploring what it means to be Bahamian — the culture, history and natural wonders of the islands. Visitors to the islands can explore plantations and remote villages, visit local museums, and shop in historic districts. Nearly every island provides visitors plenty of attractions that help unveil a part of the unique culture. Visit hotels, Freeport Bahamas, or other resorts, for more information about local attractions.

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