Looking for a Ski Resort in California Head to Mammoth

If you’re looking for the perfect ski resort in California, you won’t be able to top Mammoth. With more than 3,500 acres of skiable terrain, you’ll have plenty of room – no matter if you’re an expert skier or someone who’s better off on the Bunny Trail.

Aside from the space, there are 3 reasons why a Mammoth vacation will be perfect for you:

1. You can stay in your own condo

Hate staying in hotels, where the kids run around like banchees, the ice machines are loud, and you have to lug all of your ski equipment up and down the elevator? You can skip all of that by taking advantage of Mammoth Mountain condo rentals. With them, you and your family can stay in the luxury and the privacy of your own condo – complete with all of the bedrooms you need and a full kitchen to unwind in after a long day of skiing.
As an added benefit, the Mammoth Mountain condo rentals typically offer much better rates than the hotels do – and they offer you more privacy to go with it!

2. You don’t just have to go in the winter

You can take advantage of a Mammoth vacation anytime, as there’s typically great snow year-round. That way, you don’t have to restrict yourself just to going on vacation in the winter. If you want to head to a ski resort in California over spring break, you can do just that in Mammoth! How many other places can say that?

3. You can do a whole lot more than ski

Most of the time, when you head off to a ski resort in California, all you can do is ski. However, that’s not the case in Mammoth Lake, California! Sure, you’ll have plenty of places to ski, but in Mammoth Lake, California, you can also go mountain biking, hiking, ride on gondolas, or even head indoors to check out the many local theaters and art galleries. Or, if you’re willing to spend a little bit of time in the car, you can make it out to Yosemite National Park in about an hour or so.

Because there’s so much to do, you can feel free to take the entire family on a Mammoth vacation. That way, the people who want to ski will have a world-class place to do it, and the people who don’t want to hit the slopes will have plenty of other great things to do!

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