Streaming Radio – Heres How It Works

Streaming radio is the newest way to listen to internet radio for free. While other services are charging download fees, subscription costs, and enforcing listening limits, online radio stations are thriving.

But how exactly does the process work?

As the name suggests, streaming radio means getting a live stream of a radio station’s signal and broadcasting it over the internet. Most radio stations have links to their live streams right on their websites, but streaming radio websites have taken that concept one step further.

Instead of having to track down a specific radio station’s URL, there are websites out there that have access to thousands of different live radio streams all in one place. That way, you can simply search for a station that you like, click on the streaming link, and start listening.

But how do you find a station?

Good streaming radio websites make that easy! You will have your choice of either searching by genre or location. So, if you know that you want to listen to 70’s music – but you don’t care where the radio station is located – you can just type “70’s music” into the search box, and a list of stations will come up. Or, if you want to listen to online radio stations that broadcast out of San Antonio, all you have to do is type “San Antonio” into the search box, and a list of stations will come up. Just like that, you can listen to internet radio for free!

But how do you listen to a station that’s not in your local area?

Since everything is done through your internet connection – rather than a traditional radio with an antenna – you are not bound by geography. You can listen to online radio stations from anywhere in the world!

And, there is an added benefit to having everything go through your internet connection: the sound quality.

Normally, when you listen to the radio, you have to deal with the elements. Even if you can get a station tuned in perfectly, if a thunderstorm pops up, you’ll be dealing with static and interference. Or, if you work in a giant office building, you may not get a good radio signal at your desk. Instead of having to work in silence – or deal with static – you can have online radio stations playing crystal clear music wherever you are!

Plus, unlike other internet music services, the music being streamed comes from real radio stations – so you will have real DJ’s picking out the playlists.

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