Shopping for Parts for Heavy Equipment? Follow These Tips!

These 3 tips will help you find the best parts for heavy equipment.

Need parts for your heavy equipment? Your equipment AND your wallet will thank you if you take advantage of these 3 tips:

1. Don’t skimp when it comes to your undercarriage parts
You don’t cut corners on your car’s tires, do you? After all, those are the only things that actually touch the road. As a result, they’ve got to be top-notch!
The same rule applies to your undercarriage parts — like your track links, rollers, sprockets, and chains. If these parts aren’t built to last under the toughest of conditions, your entire project is going to suffer. After all, if your undercarriage parts give out, your heavy equipment is of no use to you! That’s why these parts have to be a focal point of your budget, rather than an afterthought.
How do you know if your heavy equipment retailer offers the best parts?
You should be on the lookout for a variety of undercarriage parts. If your retailer doesn’t have a bunch of manufacturers to choose from (and a bunch of top-notch manufacturers, at that!), you can do much better!
And, speaking of manufacturers, that brings us to our next tip…

2. Look for big names
No matter what kind of parts for heavy equipment you need, it’s best to get them from a big-name manufacturer. After all, the big names got their reputations for a reason!
What are some of the big names you should be looking for?
ZF is one of them. Specializing in transmission parts, ZF parts come in larger sizes (like shafts) to smaller sizes (like tiny o-rings). No matter what sized parts you need, though, a good heavy equipment retailer will have all of the ZF parts you need. In fact, you should be able to choose from dozens and dozens of different ZF parts!
TEREX excavator parts are also top-quality. In fact, if your projects involve any type of digging or hoisting, TEREX excavator parts need to play a big role in your job site!

3. See how many warehouses your potential retailer has
Remember, once you find the parts for heavy equipment that you need, you have to physically get them! That means you have to pay to have them shipped. So, if your retailer only has one warehouse — and it’s really far away from where you are — you’re going to spend a fortune in shipping costs.
That problem can be solved when you work with a retailer that has lots of warehouses. That way, the retailer can ship the part from the warehouse that is closest to you, thereby saving you some money on shipping in the process. Even if you only save a little bit of money on each order, those little bits add up!

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