Samsung Parts – 4 You Should Always Have on Hand

Enjoy the convenience of today’s technology – like that awesome picture on your TV, your new computer, or your awesome video camera? Unfortunately, all of those gadgets can be wiped out in the blink of an eye if a simple part breaks or runs out of power. That’s why you always need to have these 4 Samsung parts on hand:

1. A Samsung battery
Whether your son is getting ready to take his first step, or your daughter is getting ready to graduate from high school, you want to get every minute of it on video!

However, if your camcorder battery dies, you could miss everything. Even the best Samsung battery will only power your camcorder for so long. Luckily, though these batteries are very affordable – meaning it’s not hard to fit a few extra ones in your budget! That way, you’ll be ready to capture all of life’s big and small moments on video.

2. A Samsung cable

It seems like there’s a Samsung cable for just about everything you need, so, if you want to make sure that all of your gadgets will always be in working order, have some cables on hand!

You can use a USB Samsung cable on your computer, use the AV cables to connect new gadgets to your sound system, or use an HDMI Samsung cable to get the very best picture out of your Blu Ray player.

No matter what you use them for, Samsung cables are affordable and small – so the extras are easy to store no matter how big your home is!

3. A Samsung toner cartridge

Whether your son needs to print out his book report, you need to print out a report for tomorrow’s business meeting, or your wife needs to print out some pictures for her latest scrapbook, you can’t do it if your printer’s out of ink! That’s why an extra Samsung toner cartridge is such a valuable investment.

After all, a Samsung toner cartridge is small enough to fit in a desk drawer. That way, you won’t be scrambling late at night when you have a printer emergency on your hands and all the stores are close.

4. An extra TV lamp

That flawless picture in your TV is nothing without a working TV lamp. If yours goes out, you’ll be left without a picture. If the thought of missing the big game or your favorite show makes you tremble with fear, you can rest easy just by having an extra TV lamp on hand.

Luckily, these lamps are small enough and easy enough to work with that you can replace them yourself!

If you’ve got a Samsung TV, you’ll likely need the bp96-01403a lamp. Available online for a fraction of what a new TV would cost, the bp96-01403a lamp will make your TV’s picture look like new!

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