Redoing Your Media Room? You’ve Gotta Have These 4 Samsung Products

If you’ve always dreamed of watching movies and sporting events in a full-fledged home media room, you’re in luck. These 4 Samsung products will give you the perfect experience — without costing you an arm and a leg:

1. A Samsung AV cable collection
Whether you’re hooking up new speakers, want to connect your laptop to your TV, or need to connect your new Blu-Ray player to your brand new TV, you need cables to do it.
Luckily, you can eliminate a ton of frustration just by having an entire Samsung AV cable collection.

By having a ton of different cables on hand, you’ll never have to run out and buy another one — meaning you’ll be able to get your media room up and running a whole lot faster!

As an added benefit, by having cables in all kinds of different lengths, you’ll always have something on hand that’s just right. That way, your media room will look sleek — instead of sloppy!

2. A Samsung USB AC adapter
A great media room does you no good if you’ve got a bunch of gadgets with dead batteries! If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your smartphone, laptop, or tablet charged, invest in a Samsung USB AC adapter. That way, you can plug your USB device right into the wall — instead of hunting for a computer to attach it to.

3. A Samsung wireless receiver (SWA4000)
Want a surround sound experience without having to surround yourself in speaker wire? A Samsung wireless receiver (SWA4000) is the answer!
This receiver is specially-designed to work as a rear-channel amplifier. That way, you can have speakers all over the place — without having to run cables all over the place! By the time you’re done setting everything up, you’ll wind up with a room that looks professional, instead of cluttered.

And luckily, the Samsung wireless receiver SWA4000 is compatible with a ton of different equipment. So, no matter what kind of speakers you’ve got, they’ll work just fine!

4. An extra Samsung camcorder battery
Sometimes, you don’t just want to watch the action — you also want to capture it! If you want to preserve all of your family’s unforgettable moments on video, you’ll need an extra Samsung camcorder battery.
After all, your videos will only be as good as the battery powering your camera. If it runs out, you could miss something major!

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