Pros and Cons of buying wholesale fashion apparel online

Buying in bulk gives better pricing for the purchaser whether you are purchasing for retail sales or not. The wholesaler such as Apparel Showroom sells his lot to the retailor the same way they got it or may have repackaged it to satisfy the retailer’s specifications and needs and therefore, add only his profit margin to keep the price lower giving the savings to the retailer and ultimately to the customer. Wholesalers such as Apparel Showroom acquire their lots from upscale department stores and others like factories who liquidate their stock at much discounted prices and transfer the savings to benefit the retailer and eventually to the customer who uses the product.

Pros of buying wholesale fashion apparel online:

1. This is the best deal that anyone can get. Since wholesalers buy directly from manufacturers, department stores, distressed wholesalers or similar outfits, it offers the best pricing on wholesale men clothing and wholesale pants that anyone can get.

2. You don’t have to haggle with brand manufacturers. Brand manufacturers could instill rules such as minimum purchase requirements, lot sizes, minimum purchase amount and other restrictions. When you buy wholesale women’s fashions or wholesale capris from an online wholesaler, your restrictions are non-existent or minimal at best.

3. You have more freedom to choose what you need rather than forced to buy a lot which is more common practice with manufacturers.

4. You are getting exclusive licensed merchandise otherwise you are unable to buy and retail at a profit. This brings in more customers to your store more than other non-brand merchandise.

5. You have unlimited access to a larger variety of merchandise whether it is wholesale capris or wholesale men clothing. Go online and see what’s available, you’ll amaze to see the wide selections available for you to purchase.

Cons of buying wholesale fashion apparel online:

1. You don’t have the ability to inspect the lot you are buying. If you like to touch and feel your merchandise, online purchase may not be for you.

2. Whether you are buying wholesale women’s fashions or wholesale pants, what mostly available on discount fashion apparel is the last season’s products not the current season or trend merchandise.

3. There is a risk of missing the original tag or the merchandise may have slight defects.

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