FAQs of buying wholesale fashion apparel online

Learning some common terms used by manufacturers, major brands including department stores and wholesalers could help to navigate the Internet shopping for bargains. The following is not an exclusive list but could help you to navigate some Web sites and understand what they offer.

Who is an online fashion wholesaler?
Online fashion wholesalers are also commonly identified with off-price wholesalers such as Apparel Showroom who sell their products on the Web. They get their merchandise from manufacturers who supply to wholesalers who may have overruns, department stores and other similar stores, department stores that has closeout clothing of their current inventory due to season changes, overstocks and other reasons, and cancelled orders. They get huge discounts for buying merchandise such as wholesale dresses and could pass major portion of that to retailers and eventually to customers.

What is closeout clothing?
This is a term that is used to identify items that are considered to be excess and may include remnants from the previous season. They result from changes in design, color, fabric, or missed delivery deadlines and usually are of high quality.

What are off price clothing?
According to Wikipedia, off-price is when a major label or manufacturer sells its’ discontinued, cancelled order or overstocked merchandize such as plus size fashion at a huge discount price to non-brand wholesaler or retailer.

Are all wholesale fashion cloths from last season or defectives?
Not really. They could be just overrun wholesale dresses or irregulars which could mean wrong color for the product or button spacing is irregular or even the jean logo is placed on the wrong location. One’s mistake could be a huge bargain for the discount wholesaler and eventually the consumer.

What are irregulars?

When there is something wrong with the product they are called irregulars. That doesn’t mean that there is product defect. They are normally caused by miscommunications between the manufacturer and the major brand that may have over produced items such as plus size fashion. Some products may have defects such as pulled threads that are visible after careful scrutiny.

What are Quantities and minimums?
Some wholesalers may require off price clothing to have a minimums or quantities, meaning a certain minimum order size or quantity to be higher than a certain number. But keep in mind that these quantities and minimums are negotiable. So, don’t walk away if you see something you like but come with a quantity limitation or minimums. Checkout Apparel Showroom for their pricing.

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