Online Radio Offers Everything from Top 40 to 70’s Music

Hate the radio stations in your town?
Looking for a very specific kind of music – but you don’t want to spend a fortune to listen to it?

You can listen to exactly what kind of music you want – for free – with online radio.

Whether your town doesn’t offer a whole lot of variety on the dial, or you need the perfect music for your dinner party, high school reunion, or costume party, you can find everything from Top 40 music to 70’s music online.

Online radio websites are a collection of live streams from radio stations around the world. All you have to do is log on through your internet connection, and you will instantly have your selection of thousands of different radio stations. Simply pick one, click on it, and start listening!

And, since online radio websites only feature real stations, you don’t have to worry about wading through a bunch of music that was randomly selected by a computer.

Instead, you’ll get to listen to playlists that were arranged by real DJs. It will be no different than sitting down and listening to a traditional radio; you’ll just be listening through your internet connection, instead of over the air.

With the power of online radio, you can listen to the newest Top 40 music right out of Los Angeles, you can listen to 70’s music that takes you back to your high school days, or you can listen to 90’s music that brings up all kinds of fond memories from your “grunge” days.

And, since listening to online radio is completely free, you can use it to save a ton of money on your next social event. If you’re planning your class reunion – and need some 80’s music to set the mood – you don’t have to hire a DJ or buy a bunch of music that cost $1 or so per song. Instead, you can plug your laptop in at the reunion, log onto an 80’s music station, and have the time of your life – for free!
Or, if your daughter is hosting her first slumber party, and she wants to play some bubblegum 90’s music for her friends, you can have them all gather around the computer, log onto an online radio website, and pick out the perfect station. Just like that, your daughter and her friends will have hours of entertainment!

No matter what decade you’re trying to re-live, you can do it all with online radio!

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